Let us begin this off with an understatement: Tearing a rotator cuff is a drag!

It is these a common trigger of ache and incapacity in the adult inhabitants that it was only a make any difference of time until finally it was my convert.

But as a experienced juggler, I was not ready to put my balls away pretty yet.

The rotator cuff is made up of four muscular tissues and their tendons. These blend to type a “cuff” more than the higher conclusion of the arm. The rotator cuff will help to raise and rotate the arm and to stabilize the ball of the shoulder inside the joint. Which signifies if you use your arms a ton to, oh, I don’t know – juggle – beware. Overhead steps, repetitive motion, annoying movement – all take their toll on this gentle piece of anatomy.

Threat Things/Avoidance

A rotator cuff tear is most frequent in energetic adults who are over 40. It may possibly arise in youthful individuals following acute trauma or repetitive overhead function or athletics action. Common exceptions to the in excess of-40 rule contain:

* Workers who do overhead functions such as painting, stocking cabinets or design

* Athletes such as swimmers, pitchers and tennis gamers

A cuff tear may perhaps also take place with another injury to the shoulder, this kind of as a fracture or dislocation, but this is considerably less popular.


Acute agony typically follows trauma this sort of as a lifting harm or a drop on the impacted arm. More commonly, the onset is gradual and may perhaps be caused by put on and degeneration of the tendon. You may well feel discomfort in the front of your shoulder that radiates down the aspect of your arm.

At very first the discomfort may perhaps be mild and only existing with overhead things to do these as reaching or lifting. It might be relieved by above-the-counter medicine this kind of as aspirin or ibuprofen. More than time the pain could turn out to be recognizable at rest or with no exercise at all.

I experienced serious signs when lying on my proper aspect at night time.

Other indicators may well incorporate stiffness and loss of motion. You may well have difficulty applying your arm to achieve overhead to comb your hair (you’re fortunate if you still have hair to comb – wasn’t a difficulty for me) or problem positioning your arm at the rear of your back again to thread your belt. When the tear occurs with an damage, there could be unexpected acute suffering, a snapping sensation and an rapid weakness of the arm.

In advance of the Knife

Do your looking at! There are some outstanding assets readily available that will help many individuals with rotator cuff ache. On my web site I have one-way links to content and books which retained me off the working desk – and I am sensation far better than new.


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