Osteoarthritis is the most typical variety of arthritis. Also identified as degenerative joint sickness, it is prompted thanks to put on and tear of the joints ensuing in cartilage breakdown. Cartilage is an significant structural ingredient that is a company nonetheless flexible tissue that handles the ends of the bones at a joint. The main perform of the cartilage is to stop friction in the joints and also to act as a shock absorber.

The cartilage tends to become stiff and drop its versatility owing to osteoarthritis and a lot more vulnerable to problems. When the cartilage breaks down, the skill to act as shock absorber also diminishes resulting in ligament and tendon extend, which leads to suffering. As time progresses, there is complete breakdown of the cartilage and bones are likely to rub from each other resulting in severe soreness.

Osteoarthritis largely has an effect on middle-aged and older men and women, and ladies are far more inclined than adult males. The joints most susceptible to osteoarthritis are the joints of the fingers as perfectly as the bodyweight-bearing joints this kind of as hips, knees, and ankles, and backbone, but it can have an effect on any joint. The ache will get even worse with action and receives improved with rest.

Results in

Being overweight: Staying overweight puts huge strain on the bodyweight-bearing joints these as backbone, knees, and hips, which benefits in breakdown of cartilage and rubbing of bones in opposition to each and every other resulting in agony.

Old age: As you age, the joints endure normal don and tear resulting in osteoarthritic pain.

Harm: Personal injury to the joint due to incident or sports activities harm can direct to osteoarthritis.

Overuse of joints: When specified joints are overused, osteoarthritis tends to build in people joints.

Genetics: Genes accountable for formation of cartilage might be defective in some ensuing in osteoarthritis.

Bone deformities: Any deformity in the bone, joint malformation, or deformity in the cartilage can consequence in osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis cannot be fixed and the consequences can’t be reversed, but signs or symptoms can be properly managed with prescription drugs, life style modifications, actual physical treatment and other therapies, and operation. The subsequent are the treatments offered for Osteoarthritis


About-the-counter drugs: Several suffering relieving prescription drugs are out there in excess of-the-counter these kinds of as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. These have been helpful in administration of soreness but they all appear with various side outcomes.

Topical medicines: Medications are also offered in the sort of rubs, sprays, and creams that can be used in the location of ache for reduction of agony and inflammation.


Ayurveda: Ayurveda suggests a holistic strategy in dealing with this degenerative problem that includes changes in the diet plan and lifestyle, administering inside medicines that are entirely purely natural and herbal and also employing therapies for addressing degenerative joint ailments. There are many medicines in Ayurveda that assistance to reinforce the joints and reduce the degeneration. A expert Ayurvedic physician can customise and formulate an helpful treatment prepare that operates for each and every specific. Therapies like Tailadhara (pouring of medicated oils), Nhavarakkizhi (therapeutic massage with bolus of rice boiled in medicated milk) and Ksheeravasthi are among the most effective therapies for preventing degeneration and to strengthening the joints. It is very crucial to notice that if there is connected irritation, the anti-degenerative remedy is suggested only after the inflammation is introduced underneath manage.

Actual physical remedy: A customized physical exercise method to strengthen the muscle tissues surrounding the afflicted joints and also maximize variety of motion and reduction of ache can be created with the assist of a bodily therapist or common mild exercises these types of as swimming, walking, jogging that can be accomplished on our have have been powerful in administration of osteoarthritis.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapists can enable in finding means to conduct day-to-working day routines as properly as do the career without having straining the now unpleasant joints such as counsel the use of a stool when in shower to decrease from discomfort brought on by standing when afflicted by osteoarthritis of the knees.

Yoga: Yoga has been demonstrated to be extremely successful in decreasing osteoarthritis suffering and stiffness. Also yoga requires respiratory procedures as nicely which helps in lessening worry in existence.Having said that it is incredibly significant to get the enable of an teacher in advance of executing yoga to stop personal injury and additional agony.

Surgery and other procedures

In case conservative therapies are unsuccessful,

Cortisone injections: Injections of cortisone can relieve suffering but it need to be limited to 3 to four as it can worsen the hurt to the joint about time.

Hyaluronic injections: This injection supplies lubrication amongst the joints, which helps in relief of pain.

Bone realignment: When 1 facet is far more harmed than the other aspect, osteotomy treatment may possibly be executed to take away or include a wedge of bone, which can help in shifting of overall body pounds away from the worn out element.

Joint substitute: Plastic or metal components are made use of in put of the broken joints in severe cases of osteoarthritis.


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